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Sonic Dash Cheats – Anyone Can Do It!

Just like the classic Sonic game you played on your old SEGA console, Sonic Dash requires you to run and run until the end without stopping. Likewise, you are bound to dodge any hazards and obstacles lurking on your way if you don’t want to end up dead.

While it should be simple for old fans, things can be pretty challenging for new players. Relax, though, because I’m here to help you out. Check out the following cheats, tips, and tricks for the newly released Sonic Dash for Android.

If you’re having Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphones, then we have a dedicated list of apps for these handsets:

Best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Best Sonic Dash Cheats

  1. Once you see your first enemy, you’d better think of the move you will do. Rushing on ignorantly is simply foolish.
  2. Along the way, you will probably encounter a few bridges. You can only avoid it by jumping or sliding. Now normally, people tend to do the former but if you run into three-level bridge, you’d better slide or else you will slip up.
  3. Collect as many gold rings as you can. These rings will pump up the meter on the right upper screen and once this meter is full, you can tap on it to unleash Sonic’s invisible dash move.
  4. Mind your energy level shown by a gauge inside the dash meter. Once it is depleted, your blue hedgehog won’t move.
  5. If you run into crabs or other enemies that have spikes, you’d better avoid it. These guys are tough and you’ll lose your rings they touch you.
  6. Remember that you can change your direction even when you’re on the air. Simply swipe to right or left.This move can be handy when you’re about to fall to pits.
  7. Swipe down to roll. If you do it right, you can kill even those pesky crabs.
  8. Set keeping your avatar alive as the primary goal and others as secondary.
  9. You can get free gold by following the game account both in Twitter and Facebook, watch the game sponsor videos, or by registering your Sega ID. Find these options at gift icon, inside the shopping cart.
  10. There are a few in-app missions. If you manage to accomplish them, you’ll be rewarded with red star rings.
  11. When you’re blind, hit the pause button. This will show you the current mission.
  12. Next to crabs, robotic fish is another pesky enemy that might irritate you. You can only kill them by performing homing attack. You can do this by tapping the screen while you’re on the jump.
  13. Whenever you want to perform a big jump, there will be 3 jumping pads you will see, e.g rings, Sky Sanctuary image, and question mark. Choose what you like. In some occasion, you should swipe your screen to get bonus coins.
  14. If you have enough gold rings, use them to buy and unlock cool power-ups and new abilities and of course, hidden characters like Tails, Amy, and Knuckles.
  15. You can buy the gold coins and red stars if you don’t feel like collecting them few by few.

How is that for a try. Get these Sonic Dash cheats, strategies, tips, and tricks into action and nothing will be able to stop you, even the bosses.